About Steffan Lehnhoff

Steffan Lehnhoff is an industrial engineer with an expertise in sustainable and environmental solutions for energy production.

After earning his degree from Rafael Landivar University in Guatemala, Lehnhoff worked for several big names in the industrial engineering, energy, and electricity sectors, including USCapital Energy Belize, ESI, Energias San Jose, Energia del Caribe, and Campollo Group.

As Business Coordinator of Corporacion Energias de Guatemala, Steffan Lehnhoff has contributed to the building of numerous suitability projects throughout Guatemala. He was instrumental in developing the Gas Turbine projects in Alborada, the San Jose Power Plant in Escuintla, the construction of the port facility in Puerto Quetzal, the ESI power plant, as well as power plants located in Monterrey, Mexico.

Lehnhoff is responsible for the design, construction, and assembly of a portable alcohol plant, along with a plant dedicated to the biodigestion of vinasse.

Lehnhoff collaborates with managers and staff to optimize and streamline data analyzation and production in order to improve output and maximize long-term efficiency. He has established his reputation as a leader dedicated to creatively promoting sustainable, environmentally friendly, and efficient energy sources.